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Posted on Fri, 25 Feb 2011 by KiM

When this post publishes I will be madly cleaning house and doing last minute packing for my trip to one of my favourite places on earth (not that I’ve been to many), Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I worked my arse off to get some posts done to publish while I’m away (11 days – we leave tomorrow morning) so you won’t even notice I’m gone. While you’re not noticing I’m gone, I thought you’d enjoy some eye candy from one of my favourite magazines that I’ve mentioned on occasion (here, here and here), Décormag – which happens to be French Canadian. đŸ™‚ (I saw those chairs above at Beige, and almost bought one for my desk…kicking myself now that I didn’t buy a whole set!)


teresa says:

i dream of a kitchen like pic #6! having two dining areas like that so close together would be so great when entertaining friends and family. and i love those black doors. i think they make the space come alive.

Dear Girl says:

i love:
1. the table favorite!!!the whites, high ceiling and the mirror!!!
3.the ceiling and the chandelier
4. the chandelier
5.the ceiling beams
6. the deer and the transparent chairs
7. the art frame of the tower
9. the corner lounge between the wide windows
10.the mom and baby photograph in Black and white
11.the grren curtain
12.the black chair
13.the glass tray

enjoy your trip!im jealous!!

The white kitchen is perfection…have a fabulous trip!!

I love photo #6 and if I lived closer to all my friends I would definitely have a kitchen that looked like that!

Sparky says:

Want to feel better about not buying those chairs? My friend bought a set and they are really wobbly because of the way the joints are put together with hardware—not a secure feeling for a chair! They are cute to look at, though. ;o)

Kristin says:

And what beautiful eye candy it is. I love inspiration/great idea posts. They're my fav.

Kim Montréal says:

They are on special at ELTE in Toronto right now in the burnt oak finish for 99$ It is a fantastic price as they go for around
200$ in that finish usually.

good luck

Hi Kim,

Andrew Metrick from Elte here. I wanted to leave a comment to thank you for letting your readers know about our $99 Kelly Chairs. We have five different colours to choose from, all available at $99 and each of them is in stock at Elte. Here's an image for your readers in case they would like some more information:

Anyway, thanks once again. Keep up the amazing work and if there's ever anything we can do for you, please let us know.

All the best,


Agnes says:

I really need a 'moveable' ceiling lamp similar to the one in the first photo. Does anyone know where I can get that one or something similar to it?


KiM says:

Agnes, that light looks like a Tolomeo suspension lamp

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