The Rock Instrument House

Posted on Wed, 2 Mar 2011 by KiM

The following home was submitted to us by a devoted DTI reader, Seba D’Ovidio, and I freaking love it. The Rock Instrument House is Seba’s and partner Roy Garcia’s home located in the Delta of Tigre, near Argentina, Buenos Aires. It is 110 square metres of home/studio space built with Delta style classic materials like pine & machimbre wood and is surrounded by alamo trees. The glass-front can be fully opened. And if you are looking for a rad place to stay when you’re in the neighbourhood, Seba does rent it out when he’s not working there. I’m not sure what I like more, the home itself or the surroundings. Thanks Seba!! (Photos = Pablo Franco, Marc Fecchino, Model = Romina Senesi)

glorita16 says:

It's one like this or similar that I want to build very soon. Congratulations!!! It's fantastic: nature, confort, light, simplicity, silence and peace…

Romina says:

You can't imagine the SIZE of the smallest mosquito in this area of Tigre. The deco is amazing, but the surroundings… OMG!

Christina says:

What a stunning place. I love its stilts. Beautiful.

mdla says:

Been there, and it looks just like it is, AWESOME!!

So simple and stylish. I adore it. I'd love to step inside that world… Pruxxx

OMG this place is amazing!!! I have to stay here when I go to Argentine … my husband and I will plan our vacation around this house, there's no debate, it's too incredible to pass up… if you're traveling that far, best to do it right! Thank you so much for this! xoxo

renata says:

i just loved! i am from Brasil, this house could be made here for sure!
simple and amazing idea!
Renata Motta

Sammy says:

Straight to the inspiration folder! 🙂

Sierra says:

What a unique, modernized house.

GEO says:


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