A week of stalking – still Thursday but wanting moar

Posted on Thu, 3 Mar 2011 by midcenturyjo

What a tease! Sometimes real estate stalking just leaves you wanting to see more. This Newtown, Sydney home belongs to the LifeSstyle Channel’s Brendan Moar. (Get it? Moar/more? Sorry bad pun.) OK so you would expect a great garden from a landscape architect but I’d love to see more photos of what looks like a funky interior. Might have to do more searching on this one 😉 Link to the listing here.

Anna says:

Beautiful! I wish there were more pictures.

wow this place is fabulous! i love that patio! such a great place to hang with friends.

Amazing! I love this house, it's definitely in my top 5. Thanks for sharing!

Gorgeous design

renee says:

absolutely beautiful!! – i have seen the same recycled wire wall "sculpture" as seen in dining room background a number of times and it always looks fantastic insitu… i did manage to come across the same wire piece in a salvage yard but remain slightly apprehensive about wall mounting it for fear it just wont look as beautiful in my place….. hhmmm

Susan says:

Can't believe I never knew about your blog earlier. I LOVE IT!

miss B. says:

I'm completly in love with stalking week !
What about making fridays stalking day !
Design Crew is also a great idea !
Keep up the good work girls!

That garden (front and back!) is amazing. I'm especially impressed with the use of colors, plants and seating which together create warm and cozy places to hang out. I don't think I'd ever go anywhere if I lived there!

Ljiljana says:

Three things;

Purple. Picture 2

Red. Picture 2

Turquoise. Picture 4

The colors are fantastic. They speak to me.

Jen says:

Vraiment magnifique ! c'est chaleureux et il y a une côté presque féérique dans l'ambiance…

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