la vallée blanche

Posted on Thu, 3 Mar 2011 by KiM

I have expressed on this blog several times that I absolutely detest winter. How I have managed to make it through 35 winters here in Ottawa I do not know (trips south help let me tell ya). Some people actually enjoy winter and the activities that go along with it, such as skiing. When I saw this apartment which is part of a ski resort, I almost had a change of heart. La Vallée Blanche is a luxury four-bedroom apartment situated in the heart of Verbier, an alpine village and holiday resort located in the South Western corner of Switzerland, close to the border of France and Italy. It is world-famous ski resort and is frequented by both the world’s greatest skiers as well as the celebrity elite. La Vallée Blanche is conveniently situated just off the slopes, a few minutes stroll down from Medran ski lift and is centrally located near Verbier’s shops, bars and restaurants. I am a huge fan of rustic decor with some modern touches, and this place is FABULOUS. I could stay here – I would just forgo the skiing and hang out by the fire with a bottle of wine instead.

Meg says:

I just want to say that your blog has served as a constant place of inspiration and today, when nothing else seemed to be going my way at work- i escaped on a mini desk vacation to this lodge, thank you soo very much! :]

Stephanie says:

Oh god, I just love it. Everything is so calm, serene and beautiful. I can smell the wood and the faint scent of a fire in the chimney … the cold breeze and the sun warming my face while sitting on that deck. Argh, I need a vacay.

I don't understand, why us, Canadians, can't do that kind of "winter interiors". We live through winters more harsh than in Switzerland, and equally as cold as in Sweden/Norway, yet never mastered (nor tried) this type of interiors. We live in complete denial of winter, and that's reflected in our decors. I think if we changed our interiors when winter comes, adding more candles, throws, light and sheer curtains … we'd be a lot more happy and like winter more.

jill fudo says:

The light fixture over the dining room table is exactly what i have been looking for – anyone have any ideas as to where to find it?

Divine! This is so picturesque. Great post and this locale will now be on my places to visit!

Eddy says:

Being Swiss winter fan who has spent a lot of time in Canada, I completely agree with Stephanie and have wondered the same for years. Certain things are hard to fight against, why not trying to embrace them ? Such nice places are only a reaction to the cold winter life, that can't be all bad =)

Oh my goodness, this place is beautiful, It could indeed convert you to a love of all things wintry!
I would love to sleep in any one of those bedrooms and could spend hours on that balcony ( If I could wrap up in those sheepskins for warmth!)

Emmanuelle says:


your post reminds me so much of home (my family lives on the French border of the Geneva Lake), siiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggghhhhhhhh, I wish I were there, although Salt Lake City is a wonderful place to try this decor too!

Thanks for this, it's beautiful, contemporary and soooooo relaxing (no need for art, in my European point of view, the idea is a serene retreat, a bit like a Le Corbusier work).

Although rustic on the exterior, think the modern, clean lines of the interior work well with the Swiss sense of design.

Paul Byron Downs

Birgit says:

Beautiful….BUT….since we're all offering opinions – just having moved to snowy Steamboat, CO from Vancouver, the first thing I saw sadly lacking is some well chosen colour. This space achieved a delightful sparsity to warmth ratio; very balanced and celebrates the winter, although I personally would like to see bold splashes of hot colour in well placed art on strategically chosen walls. I would then choose a good book and cozy up in front of the fire!

Great incorporation of modern and traditional accommodations. The wood, modern furniture and lighting system blend well to give a friendly and warm ambiance.

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