Chester Jones

Posted on Fri, 4 Mar 2011 by KiM

“Living contentedly is to a great extent feeling comfortable in ones own surroundings. Facilitating this is our principal objective.”
Chester Jones is a master at combining modern and traditional elements to create classic designs that are timeless.
“The contents play the major part. Whether old or new they can stimulate the intellect and appeal to the emotions. We use antiques and artifacts from many different cultures and periods, not for their nostalgia but through careful juxtaposition they can excite one another, become re-energized and relevant in the present.”

beautiful rooms…Chester Jones sure has an eye for beautiful carpets/rugs…aren't they all gorgeous….and colors in all the rooms…such wonderful balance…thanks for sharing Kim..hope to see you on my blog someday soon!! have a great weekend!! xx meenal

So many beautiful spaces…adore the paneled dining room – so charming!!

I would be sooooo tempted to play darts in bed.

No dinky accessories here.

amourette says:

love the table in the third photo

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