Eva Lindh encore

Posted on Mon, 7 Mar 2011 by KiM

***Pets on furniture posts will resume next week when I return from holidays! – Kim

Back in ’08 Jo blogged some beautiful photos from the portfolio of Swedish stylist Eva Lindh. I came across her website recently and found more photos of gorgeous Scandinavian spaces that I had to share, ’cause you all know Jo and I can’t get enough of this style…(especially for me during another dull, dark and dreary winter).

Hmm I don't know… The first one very much reminds me of my late grandma's place, especially the wallpaper… The whole ensemble makes me think about the junk in her shed and all the different tiles that her bathroom was tiled with. My uncle was a tile setter and tiled her bathroom with other people's leftovers. And while my grandma was a nice lady and had a charming litte apartment with a hint of shabby chic (as we would call it – she would definitely have begged to differ), I would not like to live in something that looks like it. But I know a lot of people are really into this stuff 🙂

That last image is gorgeous…that's the look ( with pristine white walls) I much prefer to wallpaper…thanks for sharing, Kim! xx meenal

polish chick says:

i've said it before, and i'm fairly certain i'll say it again: i love those scandinavians. in fact, couldn't we just have scandinavian mondays instead of the boring old pets?

Wow there are so many amazing wallpapers here. I need to find out more. Thanks a lot for posting!

On another note, in reaction to the first comment. It's really interesting how we react so different to interior design depending on for example memories. My prime example is how I adore my grandmothers furniture while my mother finds it boring. I guess she has more real memories of growing up with it all around her and getting tired of it while I on the other hand only see it when I visit and maybe rather associates it with my lovely grandmother. Just a thought. 😀

Maria says:

I really love the posts on this blog and it's really inspiring to see how creative people are with their interior decor. Another designer I'd recommend everybody to check out is KING. He has a furniture line and design company called Poetic Rockstar; his web-site is http://www.poeticrockstar.com. I really like how bold and unique all of his work is and thought y'all might enjoy it, too. 🙂

Sarah says:

I don't think of wallpaper, so it's a pleasure to see these done so well. Love the light floors and clean white walls with them. Thanks for sharing!

Such a warm and relaxing style…love it!!

Love all of the wallpaper- the first black and white floral is especially lovely.

Loulou Ste-Adèle says:

This post is gorgeous. I have found an idea to "connect" my small kitchen with my small dining area (not dining room…) in the 3rd image that I will adapt to my needs. By the way, a personal opinion here: I much prefer design, decor images than pets on furniture… I always skip the monday post. OH, I love pets. But not on a design blog.

melanie says:

very fresh, refreshing. i love seeing the patterned/floral textiles and wallpapers and the use of fresh color.
BUT my heart belongs to the graphic black/white space.

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