James Silverman

Posted on Wed, 9 Mar 2011 by KiM

Anyone out there having a bad day? Need a break from reality? How about a little virtual trip to a space that is so fantastic you could have dreamt about it. The spaces that photographer James Silverman has photographed (beautifully I might add) are certainly dream-worthy, and could make any bad day seem a little less bleak.

Luciana says:

The first 2 pictures are from a house in Brazil by the architect Marcio Kogan. I believe it was completed in 2001/2002. Check out his website for the original interior and other pictures of the same house. Love it!
Great blog!

Cat says:

Can anyone tell me anything about that beautiful black wood stove in the 6th photo?? So sleek and exactly the sort of thing we've been looking for! Pretty please, some info, anyone??

Bgo says:

OMG! The living room hole and swiming pool have left me K.O.
I love this blog!


melanie says:

i live in houston tx, where the kind of indoor/outdoor living seen in so many of the spaces above just doesn't work. which makes these all the more enchanting.

Kim in Jersey says:

Love the interiors! Fantastic.

phoenix says:

Holy bookshelf porn! LOVE the wall of bookcases that span the 2 floors and that last image is my dream lap pool! Thanks so much for sharing!

Great interiors!!!

Sammy says:

Bookshelf porn! – that's a newie. Love it 🙂

I just created a new website for James Silverman with a lot more of his awesome images, see it at http://www.jamessilverman.co.uk 🙂

Karen says:

A great mix, love the designs, and organised clear space, it all works well. Thanks for that break from reality, inspired many new ideas. Thanks. Beautiful bright colours and wish I lived or stayed in each one. Very impressed. A good start for me to try to make some great changes. Kx

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