Stalking the art collector

Posted on Thu, 10 Mar 2011 by midcenturyjo

5 bedrooms, three bathrooms, great suburb (Darling Point, Sydney), huge house and most likely massive price tag. Stalking tends to be expensive. What I love most about this particular house though is not the space or its white brightness, its lovely courtyard and pool or the stunning “wilderness” of a garden. No what I drool over in this house is the art collection. Oh to have my own walls covered in such fabulous (and large) works. Perhaps I could just about afford the hall with the tribal pieces… perhaps 😉 Link here until it is sold.

Amanda says:

The house if fabulous, but that art collection is to die for!! I love all the different art styles mixed together too. It works oh so well!

The outdoor is beautiful!! i love it when every room has some green peeking in…just like in my home!! the exterior( whtever little can be seen through the abundant greens) looks exquisite….i like quite a few things about the interiors too…particularly the walls and amazing art…but not too impressed with the dining area…that fireplace looks off…xx meenal

What a lovely home! Crushing on that beautiful living area. Enjoy the glorious day, Kellie xx

A beautiful home that emphasizes both art and the outdoors! Perfection!

astor says:

"it's white brightness, it's lovely courtyard"? surely you mean "its". sorry, but i'm a grammar stalker myself.

sodrak says:

I love this home! I'm only sorry we couldn't see one of the 3 bathrooms. Why wouldn't the realtor post at least one image? If the pics of the rest of the house are any indicator, they should be splendid bathrooms. Not your fault Jo, you've done a lovely job stalking for us! Keep up the good work.

midcenturyjo says:

Thank you grammar stalker astor. I did surely mean "its". More importantly though what did you think of the house? 🙂

Sparrow says:

Finding the right art-to-furniture proportion is, in my opinion, the hardest aspect of interior decorating. They've done it beautifully, in this example. But I wonder, if they were able to have such large scale paintings because the artwork has a contemporary (neo-tribal/primitivist) character. Do you think such art-to-furniture proportion could be maintained with more traditional paintings?

Kim says:

This house is sooo beautiful! It's like a museum. For those of you who want this look but don't have the pocketbook for it, I ran across this cool art resource recently They have some amazing stuff for pretty cheap.

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