Hacienda San Angel – part 4

Posted on Thu, 17 Mar 2011 by KiM

I swear, this is my last post on the Hacienda San Angel. There were so many gorgeous bedrooms in the villas that I had to share them with you too. Plus, one of my favourite and somewhat unusual perks of the hacienda is after the jump.



I had read on the website that the owner Janice was an animal lover and rescued strays (she is treasurer and one of the founders of the SPCA Puerto Vallarta), and that there were several dogs hanging around the Hacienda. My husband and I really missed our 7 cats so it made me feel so at home to have animals nearby. Janice has I think 9 dogs – mostly small white poodle/bichon type dogs because during a brief convo I had with her she explained that she’s allergic. She brings them to the Hacienda every day and the roam the premises and most are really friendly. The day I spoke with her one little black dog that was wandering around was adopted (photo #3 below – not a good photo but the only one I took). 🙂 Poncho was my favourite (photo #2) and I always went looking for him when we happened to be in the main section of the hacienda where they spend their time. I was really stoked to meet someone like Janice in Mexico who really cares about stray animals because there were SO MANY homeless dogs and cats and not many people there seems to care – we even saw a dog get kicked in the head by some arsehole. So in honour of Janice’s devotion to helping strays, I wanted to mention this and share some photos of the dogs I got to spend time with.

(The candelabra above located at the front entrance to the hotel and restaurant was lit every night, and holds a donation box for the SPCA)

Tom says:

Wow that's a lot of photos of one hotel.
I have stayed in nice hotels but I have never been allowed to see all the rooms on the property, prtty cool.
I hope the dogs get adopted.

lovely photos, once again…my favourite…the gorgeous blue tiles in the bath!! xx meenal

that candelabra is incredible!

Sarah says:

Don't stop, don't stop! I just love the photos x

Janaína Lemos says:

Your blog is amazing! Is inspiring, thanks for this!

MonicaE says:

A few years ago my husband and I stayed at the Hacienda San Angel. It was in the off-season so for a few days we almost had the place to ourselves. I'll never forget the quality of the bed linens at that place and the amazing furnishings all arranged with exquisite taste. However, I was traumatized by the huge quantities of stray animals on the streets of P.V. They are everywhere and their suffering is apalling. This, to me, is one of the most heartbreaking things to watch. I was almost in tears the whole time I was there. I have witnessed this in a few countries I have visited and I will never go back.

KiM says:

We didn't really see too many stray dogs during our trip. There were a bunch of stray cats behind the hacienda, a few dogs here and there, but then they seemed to often have collars on them – like their owners let them roam around maybe? But Sayulita is pretty bad for stray dogs. Although none of the strays we saw looked like they were starving (thankfully).

lea says:

That bed linen is so white !! I don't think mine is that white even when I get it out of the packaging.

Alathon says:

Thanks very inspiring

Goodness, every single bedroom is just gorgeous. I adore all of the antique beds.

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