Kaapo Kamu

Posted on Wed, 23 Mar 2011 by midcenturyjo

Don’t know if it’s the light. Not sure if it’s the juxtaposition of modern with old, the organic patterns with the solid man made, the too cool with the warmth of well loved homes. The composition. The story told through the lens. I love these shots for Marimekko by Finnish photographer Kaapo Kamu. Fun and light hearted. Simple but stylish. I think it’s the mood he has created through the light. Real life. Beautiful.

it does look very natural and not staged..thanks for sharing…xx meenal

Lumo says:

These images look fresh and familiar to me at the same time. Many Finns have Marimekko in their home. I, like most Finnish kids in the 70's, have grown in a home with many Marimekko details and wearing their clothes. It's not my grown up style (even though Marimekko is my customer), but looks fun in many modern homes.

ann says:

Just beautiful, perfect!!

MIa says:

Very inspiring, as always! Have a great day!

Beautiful curtains! Love them all.

marimekko never disappoints.
these shots are great – I think it's also the seeming simplicity of the set design… like they were designed at all, just photographed.

Kristen says:

Yes I agree that the contrasts are part of what makes this so appealing but also the simplicity of how it's used. there is not a lot of visual clutter to distract from the bold statement. Thanks for this great post I'm totally inspired now to replace the boring white curtains in my office with a pretty piece of fabric!

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