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Posted on Tue, 29 Mar 2011 by KiM

DDIR Architecture Studio was created in 2003 by the combined inspirations of French-Canadian architect Dominic Dube and Inge Reick, originally from Germany. This firm is based in Bangalore, India and one of their architects, Hillary, emailed us about one of their latest projects. It’s the modern and minimalist Rao Residence in Hyderabad. It’s perhaps too modern for some folks but a work of art regardless. And HELLO, check out the indoor pool!!! Thanks Hillary!



But someone got a lil cheeky there with the yellow and red flowerpots? ^^

Plus, I'd kinda be worrying about the barbed wire fence ON TOP of the freakingly high wall… Where that kinda stuff is necessary, I'd rather not live! 😉

i would not have guessed that this house was in hyderabad…way too stark for me ..i love me some white but this much is excessive..badly needs a soul…but then again its not my house..i'm sure it works for those who live there!thanks for sharing, though..it is fun see stuff outside one's comfort zone… xx meenal

b e a u t i f u l !

Jessica says:

I fell in love with this property. AWESOME. Love the WHITE

Hot damn, this has Weekly Whiteout written alllllllll over it!

Annie says:

Very interesting! There is a kind of fine-boned quality to the architecture that I love, and to me it keeps it from being too harsh with all the white. The staircase is amazing! I can imagine that it looks different throughout the day as the light changes. What I don't get is all the ratty plants? I would prefer some big, sculptural grasses.

melanie says:

ok i was wrong. there IS such a thing as too much white.

Elizabeth says:

Love it! Love it!!!

prtk says:

its simply gr8!!

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