Stalking the sand dunes

Posted on Fri, 1 Apr 2011 by midcenturyjo

The ultimate “beach shack”? Nestled in the dunes on Victoria’s coastline at Fingal is this contemporary interpretation of mid century cool. Definitely not your fisherman’s weekend shack unless of course you are head of a fish canning business. Me? I’d be happy just bunking down on the patio and taking baths in the swim tank! For sale here while the link lasts. Thanks Andrea for doing the stalking for me this time!

kathleen says:

beautiful photos!!!

just gorgeous…lovely location..look at that sky…amazing….i could it in that tank till i turn into a prune!! thanks for sharing…hope to see you over at my blog sometime soon! xx meenal

Great use of concrete here, I love it when the built environment/nature convergence is managed so well.

Oh MY! So Brilliant Works!!!they are all SO Stunning! the images as well, spectacular Photographs indeed!can't stop loving these post and this site as well!!!

wow.. i love that swim tank!

Georgia says:

Definitely could do that house. Yum.


You have developed a knack for my taste. So many impeccably designed homes in the most dreamy locations lately. Are you my long-lost design soulmate??!

Wonderful images…warm and relaxing!!

Em says:

Nice house, but seriously, what is it with all of the animal skins? The house would be just as nice without killing animals just so they could walk on their skin…

I will move in tomorrow.

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