Reader’s home in Cabo San Lucas

Posted on Sat, 2 Apr 2011 by midcenturyjo

We had so many great readers’ homes in lately that I just had to share on a Saturday. Vikki recently purchased a piece of paradise in Cabo San Lucas and wanted to share with tease Desire to Inspire readers. What a beautiful holiday spot, the endless blue of the Sea of Cortez and a great renovation by Vikki! Just a taste here but you can see all the befores and afters on her blog My House, My Garden. Casa Cielo is available to stay but would you ever want to leave. I think I’d just laze by that pool forever. Let’s take in the view before moving inside after the jump.

Candice says:

Absolutely love it. The artwork in the bedroom is beautiful. Was it sourced locally? We're looking for a good local source for inexpensive canvas artworks.

Britney says:

Absolutely beautiful!

iola says:

amazing! i agree, i dont think you ever want to leave once you are there.

Kristin says:

Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!


bobbi says:

This is very unfair. I can't even buy a two room apartment!!!
Well, it is beautiful. Wonderful pool.

wow..the top three things about this house…location..location…location…even a shack would do in such sorroundings…but the gorgeous house doesn't hurt either..Viki indeed is a tease!! thanks for sharing..hope you are having a great weekend! xx meenal

Ryan says:

Amazing place. Congrats.

WoW! So beautiful it hurts. 🙂

Leo says:

mmmh the shell is absolutely incredible, there is a great GREAT potential, the view, the architecture are really fantastic, although the interior and gardens need much more styling, more rugs, sheer curtains, cushions, period furniture and cosy lighting!

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