Achingly beautiful

Posted on Mon, 4 Apr 2011 by midcenturyjo

Oh the view! The view! It takes my breath away. A simple, stylish holiday destination housed in a 300 year old Spycher high above Lake Lucern in Switzerland. “Simple and stylish” doesn’t really describe it does it? Spectacular and sensitive. A bygone era and a very special place. A spirit. A genius loci. It makes your heart ache with its beauty and your spirit soar. Im Spycher is truly as close to heaven as you can get.

gorgeous..heavenly!! xx meenal

faber says:

It's a dream.

A place to dream…

I hope you have an amazing week! 🙂



Eowynabinadi says:

I better go and check it out, but they probably don't let me rent it for vacation with my 4 little Kids…

I love the serenity of each of the interior spaces and that accent green in the kitchen area- it's funny 'kitchen' doesn't even seem like an appropriate word for such a lovely space!

arete design

JulieGraceKelly says:

this is the correct web-link:

Desire to Inspire says:

Thanks JulieGraceKelly – the link is fixed.

Leo says:

phew…it makes me speechless! the original lovely building, the view, the serenity, have I said the view? I would have done something a bit different inside though, slightly more comfy, bit more rugs and cushions, oh and throws!

Absolutely so "not-swiss at all"!!
I've been many times there, and I 've never ever imagined it possible, for the place is so swiss traditional and conventional!

Eddy says:

Just booked it for a little weekend getaway =) Welcome to the days where we need aussie-canadian blogs to find treasures in our own country, thanks for sharing !

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