La Belle Juliette

Posted on Tue, 5 Apr 2011 by KiM

I would LOVE to plan a trip to Europe one day. I went once to Italy when I was 4 to visit family (my mom is Italian). That is the extent of my European travels. SAD. Of course I’d have to visit Italy, but now it looks like I’d definitively have to plan a trip to Paris too, and stay at the new (opened Jan 2011) 4-star hotel called La Belle Juliette. It’s located in central Paris, a short walk from Saint-Germain-des-Prés and the Jardin du Luxembourg where the world of fashion meets Paris’ most luxurious boutiques. It’s chic yet cozy, luxurious yet refined, thank to the decor prowess of Anne Gelbard, the Parisian expert of “home couture” and architecture by Vincent Bastie. I think I’m in love! (Thanks for the link Alain! Photos by Jerome d’Almeida)

These rooms positively GLOW! Totally stunning ~ like raspberry creams in a dark chocolate shell in a beautiful gilded box!

I could tell right away that Anne Gelbard was the designer. Her look, to me, is exquisite and elegant. Her use of color and metallics- yum!

ruth saint fleur says:

oooohhh, perfection! :)))

Mahine says:

OMG!! This hotel is right down my appartment and I've always wanted to see how it looks inside! And I can't believe I'm seeing the pictures here!! Thanks a lot!!

Amanda says:

Oh wow, I really love the use of color! This would be the perfect place to stay when visiting Paris. Boutique hotels are totally the way to go!

Catherine says:

GORGEOUS!! For just a moment I was a chic Parisian lounging gracefully on that vibrant fuschia settee instead of sitting on my couch in my jammies….

Annie says:

Oooo! That pale pink and gray suite makes me squirm with glee like a little girl!!! This place is so cool – dreamy, full of whimsey, and luscious!

Justyna says:

such beauty in this decadence!

anna says:

very pretty hotel
good to know!
the location is perfect

Russell Ferrier says:

unpredictable class

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