A welcome mix of styles

Posted on Fri, 8 Apr 2011 by KiM

I really REALLY love the following home I discovered last night while doing a quick jaunt around the internet. It’s Spanish, built in 1900 and maintains alot of the original architectural detail – the mouldings are to die for! The juxtaposition of these details with the vintage furnishings with a retro vibe is what makes it so appealing to me…and those incredible tile floors. (Via Le Journal de la Maison, photos by Amador Toril)

Kris says:

I love that the house is flooded with sunlight, no dingy corner here. The owners must have felt blessed.

Theresa says:

Just gorgeous. I also REALLY LOVE what you found while doing your jaunt in the web ;)). Great lighting, wonderful mixture of modern and vintage items. Just perfect!

& the best part is the doggies on the sofa!! great find!!

g says:

is that tile on the small bits of wall in the main room? on first glance, I assumed white painted bricks, then gloss white paint but no, it looks to be tile (gloss doesn't shine like that)

which would be an option in the bathroom….

mylene_petite says:

It is so relaxing house designs. Classic, modern and country designs are nice combination. Well done!

amourette says:

LOVE those leather chairs

Cate says:

Friday's pets on furniture! Had to giggle at the lovely dogs.

oregonbird says:

That's the first time I've *ever* liked subway tile.

Thaisdel says:

I think you found my dream home – absolutely beautiful mix of styles, splashes of green and light.

Anna says:

Finally! That truly ugly chair has a comfortable home, beside the bathtub! It actually fits in!

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