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Posted on Sat, 9 Apr 2011 by midcenturyjo


Elizabeth lives in a 350 square-foot apartment in the lower east side of Manhattan. YES, it’s that small! However she and her boyfriend have managed to make it look cute, inviting and cozy! And best of all they are very happy in their small home. To find out more about why they live in such a tiny space you can head to her blog In Between Seams. Could you do it? Even with the pay off of living in Manhattan?

keli says:

The space is clean and simple. A lovely home, especially for a young couple starting out. Kudos to anyone that shows off their space on this blog, I believe it takes some courage to put yourself out there.. My question is: is that bed really big enough for two people to sleep in?

Kate says:

I can definitely relate to this home. I am a 20 year old San Franciscan. I'm living in a slightly larger space, but it's a roommate situation, so we have a room a piece for three girls- and a kitchen, and bathroom as common area. We are all students, and we all do the best we can with limited income and teeny tiny rooms. I think that they have done a great job of making this space look cosy, uncluttered, and stylish. I like seeing spaces like this, because I see elements that I can actually introduce into my own space. Maybe it's not the drool inspiring, designer, daydream homes that are often featured here (and I like seeing those too), but it is something actually applicable to my own circumstances, and for me inspiring in it's own way. Great use of space, great design elements, thanks for sharing!

Sarah says:

This place has certainly divided opinion! For me, I think its homely and comfortable and real. The blogger probably plays around with what she's got and reorganises it many times over anyway. I think for a 21 year old on limited income and such a tiny place, she's done a fine job. When I was 21 I had a different kind of design maturity than I do now at 53. Personally, I think the fact that she has put her home forward and reads such fabulous blogs as this one, means she's still learning what she likes and has a passion for interiors. My only comment is that maybe a big poster above the little table instead of the leaves. Love the texture of the unmade bed by the way!

Tom says:

Scratching my head wondering how this is suppose to inspire us.

I guess happiness radiating from a home is the new "design"

I see this on Apartment Therapy too, people moaning and groaning over interiors that are not worthy of posting and should be cleaned up before being photographed.

Posting interiors that are not truly inspirational interiors is like telling your wife she looks beautiful when you know inside she looks fat and sloppy.

KiM says:

Well Tom, Jo did not in fact say this post was meant to inspire, and I frankly think anyone who can live with another person in 350 sq ft should be given a freaking medal. Because THAT in and of itself is quite inspirational.

Tom says:

That's true Kim, but I still can't believe that this apartment is posted on your site though.

There are plenty of tiny, tiny apartments with tons of style, at least move the broom and mop away from the toilet for the photo 🙁

I see by looking through the comments that I'm not the only person to speak up about this.

lea says:

I can go home to look at real life. I look at Desire to Insire for amazing, lust after design 😀

midcenturyjo says:

Hi Tom. I posted this to get exactly the responses that I got here. I knew it would divide readers and that's what I wanted. Need to stir the pot every so often 🙂 The question isn't if it is inspiring or pretty. The question is can you live like this for the sake of a fabulous location and if you would live here would you live like this or need to do more? I know what your answer is 🙂

Tom says:

Hi Jo,

That makes sense, you did a great job picking an interior to throw us all off a little 🙂

Location and architecture are more important than size in my opinion.

If you have walls and decent flooring you can make anything beautiful.

Michelle says:

I really like this apartment. Its attainable and looks like a normal apartment with style. I like the dark curtains in the bedroom with white bed linens. Its a very cute apartment.

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