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Posted on Mon, 11 Apr 2011 by midcenturyjo

Monday morning has come and gone in Australia (I’m always 14 hours ahead of Kim) and I had a severe case of Monday-itis. I must have suspected that that would be the case when I loaded pictures for my posts for the week on Sunday (yes I was that organised). I’ve been stalking seaside resorts. I think I needed to wake up in this Pearl Beach house. Only meters from the beach north of Sydney it comprises 2 pavilions combined by an outdoor dining area. Looks like plenty of room for everyone else suffering from Monday-itis. We could start a support group… on Tuesday. Link here while it lasts. P.S. The real estate blurb says it belongs to an interior designer. Any idea who?

john miller says:

Like the barn doors and tin roof. This would be great with the rain on the roof and doors wide open. Great sleeping loft. I like it.

kaper says:

Love this! Count me in for the support group.

Penny Joyce says:

Hi. Thanks for all the wonderful and kind comments on our beach house – you have made our day! My husband and I actually own the house and did the interior decorating ourselves. We empoyed Connor and Soloman Architects to design the decks, interior fireplace, and the outside walkway which connects the 2 buildings (the house and studio are original). Our Builder was Ian Westlake from Pearl Beach.

We also rent it out for holiday if anyone is interested via Stayz: We would love to see you there! Regards, Penny and Patrick

Penny Joyce says:

Wicker chairs are from Costworld Furniture ( and I had them painted the same colour as the couch.

niikkkkki says:

This is my dream house for sure… i would love to live here anythime is where you can rent it from and it is owned by Penny and Paul Joyce ….don't think she is an interior designer but they should be!!. It is in Australian H&G Oct Issue xx

Kirsty says:

I am speechless it's like you have tapped into my dreams what a divine beach house. I would love to be there. Thank you for sharing these fantastic photos.

Roy Yang says:

Wauw, relax man.

Ruth says:

This is absolutely gorgeous–seriously, just stunning. The deluge of rainy weather in my current location has me craving a beach getaway (and perhaps the next plane to Australia, judging from this post). I love the high ceilings and open, airy feeling of the house, though I'm not sure how I feel about all of those beds in one room. The kitchen looks almost too immaculate for actual use with its fresh white walls and stainless steel features. That's it–time for me to beach stalk in the United States. =)

Greg Dale says:

How close to the beach is this fantastic home?

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