Beach stalking 2

Posted on Tue, 12 Apr 2011 by midcenturyjo

You know those movie scenes where the recently deceased turns up at the Pearly Gates in Heaven, clouds misting, dressed in white, met by St Peter, harps playing, big gates swinging open? This is what is on the other side of those gates when the clouds divide. Noosa in Queensland at its outrageous Noosa holiday house best. All that is needed to enjoy this house is a colourful bikini and a killer body and lots of ice for the drinks. Maybe I get a killer body when I die. Link for the sale listing here while it lasts.

priscilla says:

it is a little slice of heaven.
i wonder what the other place looks like…that's probably where i'm going!

Annie says:

So great! But holy kittens that's a lot of white.

polish chick says:

gorgeous, although i've never been able to understand the need for a pool when your house is right on the water.

tim says:

Absolutely gorgeous images! You should be a photographer

This is SO GORGEOUS! Just dreamy!

Dutch says:

I'm betting they don't have a black Lab…

francine says:

I just LOVE your comments, always! Well expressed, well written, witty, etc. etc. Thanks for this great blog!!!

denise says:

White out, please. Toooooo much white – for a house positioned on the water (with subsequent glare), the Aussie sun (full-on hole in the ozone glare – whoa what a headache. And so little personality. Another case of money a home does not make. Think of what Hare + Klein would have done with this space. Something awesome.

Alex says:

Its an hospital with most beautiful view!

lea says:

No thanks. Too white, in an awful man-made canal estate. Denise is right, the Australian the sun is like 2 F stops brighter than anywhere else.
And what is that horrible artwork in the dining room.

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