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Posted on Thu, 14 Apr 2011 by KiM

I don’t really know what to write as an intro to this post. Basically I am stressed out and preoccupied to the max and my brain is just not functioning up to par. My day job has been REALLY busy for ages, we’re trying to get plans finished for the house which is a little tough working with an architect AND designers (both of whom are swamped), I have a French test (for said day job) the day after Easter weekend that if I don’t pass may mean having to leave my team (where I have worked for my entire career as a public servant) and go back to programming – something I REALLY don’t want to do. And I f*cking hate tests, especially verbal ones. With that whining, I leave you with some photos from Avotakka, a very cool Finnish magazine. (P.S. I really want to make a floor lamp like the one in the first photo.)

Eddy says:

Let's all have a go then, so you'll feel inspired =)

En effet ce sol bleu est absolument génial, personnellement je n'y aurais jamais pensé, mais ça donne un côté méditerranéen très sympa.
Merci et bonne chance pour le test de français, tout ira bien !

Sarah says:

Big, big hug from Adelaide in South Australia! Our humanity connects us all xx

Zaba says:

Dear kim, you will do well at your test because you are very talented, believe.

just relax kim. take a breather. focus your energies in the french test, the rest can wait. soak in some of the sunshine that's coming our way and let it invigorate you. Bonne chance!

Estelle says:

Don't worry about the French test Kim. It would not help. The last time I had a job interview (stress), a friend of mine suggested that the day before, I do something that makes me feel very good. It did the trick. I was more relax and in a happy mood the day of, and I succeded. If the time of the day is right, I would have one or two glasses of wine. Alchool losen the tongue.
Best wishes.

KimberlyRose says:

(((Hugs))) Sending you positive energy to get through everything that's on your plate right now!

Nelly says:

J'arrive en retard mais j'espere que le test de francais s'est deroule parfaitement. Les images ci-dessus sont superbes, comme d'habitude… J'aime plus particulierement la photo numero 8. Bises et courage!

Jesse Lu says:

I bet you could hack the Scandanavian coat rack tutorial from emmasdesignblog and turn it into a light really easily. Just a thought.

P.S. It will all work out. We don't know each other but I feel confident saying this anyhow… You are a powerful, talented, persistent, creative, motivated, and ambitious person. This blog wouldn't be what it is today if you weren't. Regardless of how things turn out at the moment, you will always be a successful person because of this. Tout ira bien!

KiM says:

Nelly, le test est le 26, donc j'ai plus d'une semaine pour m'en préparer.
Yes – good call Jesse Lu! (And thank you for the kind words!)

The 9 bottles of wine I bought are helping immensely. 🙂

thando says:

just focus on passing the test and everything else, you'll see after the test. good luck…
lovely photos as well…

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