The Kate Moss of homes

Posted on Fri, 15 Apr 2011 by KiM

Thanks once again to my bro-in-law Dave for providing me with a link to another home that I thought was blog worthy. Actually, there isn’t anything very spectacular about this home in Barcelona. The reason why I’m blogging it is because it’s apparently “impossibly thin”, “freakishly thin”, “If buildings had human doppelgangers, this one would be 90s-era Kate Moss” and “just 12 feet wide“. That is why I had to blog this. Because my home is also 12 feet wide. But here is where this home differs. It’s nearly 4000 square feet (mine is 926) and is the length of an entire city block – 82 feet.


Donald says:

My house is 11 feet wide and only 920 square feet. Our houses could almost be twins.

I love the spiral staircase! But I second the idea about it not being very kid-friendly. I was just looking at the shot of the suspended walkway and thinking that it would be no good for kids then I scroll down to see… a kid's bedroom!

Wouldn't you be cross if you'd left your glasses in the bedroom.

JayyMykala says:

I dont understand why people dont see the beauty in this home. The design is beautiful and if viewers would read the description as to why Kim posted it then some of the comments wouldnt be as negative as they are

josephine says:

This might intrest you:

Belga says:

Pretty sure these are computer-generated images. Surfaces are just too sleek and the order too precise to be real (see the spacing between the shirts in the wardrobe). Extremely even lighting that is impossible to achieve often is a bit of a hint that an image is not real – see, for instance, the stairwell, where every room is lit at the same intensity and without loss of detail as is the case in normal photography. Very nice place, though, fantastic example of going way beyond the limitations of a space and coming up with very exciting solutions.

Sara says:

I'll take it!

of course it has a pool on the roof….
our home is 17 wide on the exterior – 12 feet is definitely challenging to work with but it can create some great spaces and creative uses. the stair lightwell is a great idea.

– agata.

Sneza says:

OK, it's tall and skinny like Kate Moss, but Kate Moss's backside doesn't extend out 82 feet behind her! ;^)

Or does it?

This house has all the lamps that I love! And the staircase!

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