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Posted on Mon, 18 Apr 2011 by KiM

Last night I was sitting at my dining table studying French (UGH) and drinking some red wine (hoping it would help speed things along – HA!) and realized I had to get a post ready for today. I opened my email folder of pets on furniture entries and was shocked to discover I did not have enough for a post. ?!?! My apologies to those who actually enjoy my pet posts. Instead I give you some photos from the California and Mexico based architectural firm of Not Only Architects – Garduño Arquitectos. “Let’s talk about simple.  Truth   Search   Form   Light   Change   Back   To   Basics   Not more, not less.”

sarah says:

No pets??!!! I love Pets on Furniture. Always brightens up my Tuesday (which is the day it is up in NZ). Will we get a double dose next week?

Cat says:

Lovely post, but I'm missing the pets big time. They are the best way to start a Monday! Hope they're back soon.

LEAH says:

love the clean and simple dark wood bedroom.. i know i have a pet pic or two to send!

Meg says:

No Pets??? Pets are a highlight of my monday afternoons!!! guess I will have to stop being lazy and finally take a photo of my dog as (although not allowed to) he sits on furniture on a daily basis. On the couch, on the danish chairs, on the bed….

I adore the ottoman in the fifth image! Very well done with a rustic colour palette.

Deb says:

Perhaps we've all been trying to keep out of your hair and let you study, Kim Hopefully next week you'll be inundated with pet photos!

Je suis Française, je peux t'aider ;] !
Now let's talk about this post: Bathrooms ›› MA-JOR !
I feel so inspired! Thx for ur hard work.

Gigi says:

Amazing, especially the bathrooms. Now I have to wonder how to squeegee a circular glass shower 🙂

the bathrooms are awesome. love the sky lights and huge tub

These photos are excellent examples of how a design can be simple and yet impressive. I am always looking for examples and articles to improve in designing. Thank you.

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