One can dream

Posted on Wed, 20 Apr 2011 by KiM

Once upon a time there were some very well-off folks in Vancouver who wanted big new homes. They called upon a builder by the name of Keystone Projects Ltd. and asked them to build the homes of their dreams. They asked for fancy kitchens and bathrooms and rooms for their pool tables and views to die for and a car lover’s garage. And POOF! Keystone made it happen. And they were beautiful. This, my friends, is how the other half live.
The end.
P.S. Several of these homes were architected by Formwerks Homes Inc, The Airey Group. Details of each on Keystone’s site. 

Sue B says:

I feel so deprived… I want one.

Brandon says:

The other half? Try "the other 0.1%."

Atherionelle says:

You might want to credit the other people involved in a whole lot of the projects …. especially since its where the ACTUAL DESIGN came from.

Check out what is called The Ravine House and the Ravine House Guest House.

LaRubia says:

Cool beans! Where do I sign???

Monica says:

i love those desain so much…. the living room bulid the path above …nature also contribute in those livingroom…make the livingroom more warm when i spent my time with my family…
so beautiful room (y)

jhko says:

This is not how the "other half" lives. This is how the less than 1%, super rich live.

wow is that a car wash on the way out of the garage? totally awesome

Apiwat says:

My maid was standing next to me when I was looking through this website. She told me to get a room like this for her and she'll work for me the rest of her life hahaha. Wonderful wonderful looking rooms!

These homes are beautiful. They are like artwork!

Sara says:

I like the red old style furniture for living room. It is unusual design but amazing

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