Mauricio Fuertes encore

Posted on Thu, 21 Apr 2011 by KiM

Please enjoy some more beautiful photography by Mauricio Fuertes while I study for my freaking French test and consume some wine.

That last image is beyond awesome. Love.

annu says:


Laura says:

Good luck on the exam! I know how you feel – have a huge exam on Tuesday and will be squandering the long weekend studying. Thanks for all the lovely blog posts to browse on my study breaks!

Deborah says:

Seriously in love with those 2 interior stone walls (pic #3). The punches of orange do it for me too. Deborah, Green Light District Design

Liz says:

I love the use of the wood paired with huge amounts of light, it makes it cozy while being open all at the same time! My favorites have to be the bedrooms

Ashley says:

I love the easy elegance of the living room in the second photo.

Cedric says:

Bonne chance pour l'examen! Demandes moi si tu as besoin d'aide! 🙂
From Montreal.

Margherita says:

The gauze drapes in second photo: incredible. I am wondering if that is a crinkle gauze. Ideas, anyone?

Cedric says:

look a lot like restauration hardware belgian linen….

I love the sleek edges and modern look to all of these pictures! My favorite is the more country-style one (second to the top) with the white walls and white couches and touch of pink flowers in the center of the room. So my style!

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