Brazilian garden

Posted on Wed, 27 Apr 2011 by KiM

This next post comes from Renato of Rio de Janeiro: I’m a brazilian fan of your delightful DTI..after so much inspiration I thought I also had something to inspire you (and other readers) too! The plant is called Mucuna, and is the flaming hot sister of the suave blue Jade …

Ashton says:

How absolutely beautiful! When I finally get my own house, I definitely want to incorporate a flowery overhang into my backyard.

That color is absolutely beautiful!

Sandra says:

Parabéns, Renato ! Belíssimo recanto e as flores são surpreendentes.

Dane says:

This is great, my friend has a blue jade vine which is amazing. It hang over the entry to an outdoor parlour, the house and property draw a lot of inspiration from Morocco, so the colour of the blue jade looks great with all the mosaics in blues and greens. I didn't realise there was a red jade vine.

Helen says:

Stunning, simply stunning

Bgo says:


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