MR Architecture + Decor (again)

Posted on Tue, 3 May 2011 by KiM

One of the pet entries from yesterday was submitted by Kimberly, who works for MR Architecture + Decor, a very cool firm based in New York. I went through our archives and found that Jo blogged this firm back in ’08 but I noticed many more photos on their website that I was keen on sharing with you all. This firm has a very clean, modern and at times minimalist approach which results in some very serene and sophisticated spaces, but also with the use of intriguing furnishings many are also energetic and funky. I’m a fan.

polish chick says:

if i had the carpet in that first photo, i'd be falling face first on a daily basis.

Graes says:

LOL @ polish chick… I'd be the same.

The flooring in the first photo is cool… it's carpet… but its not 🙂

Emilie says:

Nice 🙂 What is that "statue" made of?

Claire says:

Love the carpet/rug in the first image. Very different and chic x

love the lighting in all pics!

Some of these rooms are funky and so sophisticated all at the same time! I am in love with the fireplace and it's something I would have in my house if I were to build my house from scratch (which will never happen but a girl can dream right?) Overall the rooms are beautiful and wonderfully done 🙂

wonderful post…i'm a huge admirer of this firm…and your blog! MR Architecture + Decor can do no wrong…good stuff!

oregonbird says:

Good lord. That's the dumbest use of carpet I've *ever* seen! Guaranteed trippage, a dust catcher that has to be hand vacuumed… oh, brother. But the rest of it is interesting. In a board-of-directors sort of way. The dogs need feeding, which is disturbing in a whole new way.

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