Richmond stalking

Posted on Mon, 9 May 2011 by midcenturyjo

Today’s stalking post proudly brought to you by DTI reader Andrea. (Ha! Another stalking addict!)

Industrial brick facade morphs into stylish inner city oasis. Love the multi-nature of this Richmond, Victoria home. Cool, edgy warehouse, classic, at times traditional interior and a walled courtyard that belies the fact that the hustle and bustle of the city is just beyond. This is one property I’d love to see professionally styled and shot for a magazine spread. I don’t think the real estate photographer does it justice. Still I’d love to live here! In my dreams. Link here while it lasts. Thanks Andrea.

super confortável! demais!

Giselle says:

I lived in Richmond once, in a crappy little falling down, painted pink, weatherboard share house. Oh but it was fun. What a location. Sadly, with inner-city Melb housing prices the way they are, I couldn't even afford that crappy little house, let alone this magnificent 1903 gem. Thank goodness dreaming is free.

I love this home, got to be on my list of dream homes!!!! Brings me right back to when I visited family in Melbourne there home had the same eclectic homely feel to it and I just loved it. Sadly cold Ireland just doen't give the same feel 🙂

Heather says:

Nice place. It's depressing to look at house listings outside of Vancouver(BC), a house like this in my city would be well over 3 million dollars.

What a lucky bunch of people who get to call this home. It is so beautiful, warm and stylish. Thanks for sharing!

From the front it doesn't look anything special, but looks are obviously deceiving! What a fantastic living space and what an amazing garden to have BBQ's and social gatherings. Love it.

Larissa says:

We can call it home sweet home!

regine, Australia says:

very tasteful, great internal design. preservation of original mixed with modern style, excellent….

I would love a brick home, especially this one. The outdoor living space is amazing.

Martin Lewis says:

Nice layouts, welcoming, warm.. What more can I say?

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