Where did the weekend go?

Posted on Mon, 16 May 2011 by midcenturyjo

Hello? Hello Complaints Department? Yes hello. I would like to know where the weekend went to. 48 hours. I was promised 48 hours and I’m certain it was far less. Friday I was at work and “poof” it was Monday and work again. Sorry? Not your problem? Quality Assurance Department? It’s not the amount of time but how I spend it. Now you tell me! If I had known I would have spent the weekend at Son Gener on the island of Majorca. A mixture of old and modern. Austere and elegant. There’s a pattern appearing here in my recent choices. Simple luxury. OK Complaints Department put me through to Welcome Beyond. Thanks!

Oh YES! That is amazing. The first room looks like pure relaxation to me. Won-der-ful!

All those stone walls look great! The rug in the 3rd pic from top looks pretty cool, too.

homestilo says:

This post made me chuckle…That bed is gorgeous and I love that the room opens right up to the outside.

Alyssa says:

awwwwwwwwwwww the pool looks so tempting! Gorgeous home!

frisør says:

nice blog

Nathalie says:

Oh wow, that first shot…amazing view and room!

This house was made for me! I could really put in some serious relaxation time by that pool!

Nguyen says:

I can fell the relaxation from here.

CassiMO says:

…just gonna sit here for a bit and lose myself in that view from the bedroom. wow…

Sue says:

I live in Mallorca and I love this hotel, in the island are a lot of nice hotels, you are all invited!

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