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Posted on Tue, 17 May 2011 by midcenturyjo

A couple of weeks ago I was stalking a church conversion in Adelaide. Modern behind a traditional bluestone facade. A little too modern for some. Want to join this congregation instead? Such a pretty little church and definitely loads of space for preaching to the converted. Just outside Adelaide this time in Houghton. A divine transformation? Link here while it lasts.  

sckattycat says:

Beautiful! My colors! Rustic feel yet a modern and eclectic touch!

mydeco says:

This looks great! Like the dark wood throughout the house.

dianne says:

absolutely gorgeous

katmckinney says:

it is well done but i think churches converted to homes never quite make the change gracefully. it would have been more interesting if the interior had been more in line with the age and style of the building and grounds.

Edith says:

Wow. I can not believe that someone took a church and did all of that! Wow! Amazing. The kitchen is beautiful. It must be very peaceful to live there.

christine says:

they are so beautiful!

marcie says:

This is really beautiful. I love the game room area and the wine cellar.

This is a great example of a conversion, as the home doesn't feel too big and cold like some conversions can. I love their kitchen/dining area, especially the comfy armchairs at the ends of the table!

mary says:

love it

Elham says:

A place of worship should remain a place of worship, I believe this is disrespect for a church. add to it, the interior is awful, no taste whatsoever.

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