The old and the new

Posted on Thu, 19 May 2011 by midcenturyjo

A stylish marriage between old and new, vintage and contemporary, dark and light, family space and funky space. A perfect house for stalking. Trouble is I didn’t find it. My stalking stalker Andrea did 😉 For sale here. The architect is John Wardell.

I love the poolside area, especially with those vines growing. So relaxing!

lovedesign says:

Love it, love it, love it 🙂

I so want that rug first pic!!

Georgia says:

Yes, I want this one – fully furnished with all the fabulous art work on the wallls.

Ms Eva says:

I am really digging the exterior to the rear of the home. The cage-like slatted structure really ties the different areas together and make it look super modern but earthy at the same time. Is it wooden? Metal?

Julia says:

It's gorgeous, and I want all the art, too.

But I'm confused by those cushions on the shelf in the 6th photo… am I missing something or is that odd?

Michelle says:

Absolutely great mix! In the 6th photo it looks like the bedroom floor is raised and the shelf from the office area acts as a bench for the bedroom area (cushions are the same height as the chair in the corner but the desk is lower on the other side). I'm all over the lattice wall as a railing/privacy screen/trellis. Good work stalkers! – as a side note, the photography from your end of the globe has a definite style, most every shot is a tease.

Hummmm, love the place but it seems the color pallet is pretty muted and mellow. someone needs to punch it in the face with some color!

D of dogland says:

wowie momma!

Mix it up! I love it! This is exactly how I would like my home to look like…

I also love the area rug in the living room!


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