Another sweet London pad

Posted on Tue, 24 May 2011 by KiM

The folks at Domus Nova (the London estate agency I blogged about here) kindly send over some photos of another of their properties. This time it’s an incredible home in terms of it’s architecture, with several glass walls and roofs. The central feature of the 4 bedroom property is a massive 2 story atrium with a glass bridge. I have to say the decor is not really something to write home about. I appreciate the global vibe but the main furnishings are pretty bland and really could be much funkier to blend with the cool, modern architectural details. That’s ok though – the glass walls and roof sections are doing it for me.

Heather says:

How great! I think I could be very happy there!

Lauren says:

I know this is about the inside, but I am looooving the courtyard!

It's gorgeous!

Maya says:

OMG. this is lovely. the colors are clean and bright yet extremely warm. It is my dream home!

Change says:

When can I move in?

Ennie says:

I love all that glass. I would prefer the kitchen cabinets in a different color (the blue looks sort of half-done) and maybe not so much carpeting in the hall…

Agree about the furniture, too… And I think your blog has sharpened my eye for such details. Thank you 🙂

love the layout of the open and light filled..the decor however could use some tlc..thank for sharing..have a lovely day..xx meenal

alminha says:

Great… How I want one like this! Smaller, of course… Congratulations!

Kris says:

Great house ! ( minus the furnishing, of course ) I hope the owners would consider getting professional help for the interior furnishing. And at the same time, they may think to redo the kitchen completely too.

Pat says:

Perhaps they have changed some of the furniture out in order to sell. In any event, as beautiful as someof these interiors are, many of them do not seem comfortable. For example, is there a place to sit in order to read with good lighting and a surface for a drink, phone, iPad, etc.?

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