Posted on Wed, 25 May 2011 by midcenturyjo

Take a stark white shell and have some fun. Exclamation marks of colour restrained by dark floors and blindingly white walls. Push it even further with purple psychedelia in the bedroom then blow the whole thing apart with a bathroom that is definitely a knockout. Interior designer Craig Spencer is known for his broodingly dark portfolio. His latest project in Pott’s Point takes his dark luxury and turns it inside out. Serious fun for the seriously brave. (You can see more of Craig’s work on Desire to Inspire here, here and here.)

Johan says:

Awesome place. Love the carpet and the bathroom!


Tom says:

His other work is beautiful, I just don't think this look works.
He should stick to his dark dreamy interiors, I think that is his specialty.
This almost feels like the rooms should be in different homes nothing seems to flow together.
Maybe it's just me and this is truly a beautiful home.

selina says:

I think it starts our great and then come the bathroom and the bedroom. I love white walls and I love color but that bathroom and bedroom are a bit too much to adjust to for me. However I applaud the diversity of the interiors you show in this blog and that home has its place here. Thank you for stretching us and surprising us. This is still my favorite interior design blog. Bravo!

Melanie says:

I wouldn't mind staying in a hotel with a bed and bath like this, but couldn't live with it full-time.

Steve says:

The living room rug reminds me of Electric Light Orchestra album covers.

Emily says:

I am really loving the simplicity of a room with pops of color! Keeps it fresh and un!

Chris says:

This has certainly divided the readers. Some people don't like being pushed from their comfort zone and I think this apartment does just that. It is not for me but I feel the same way about Kelly Wearstler's work. Not everyone lives in bland, safe homes like me and I love seeing it.

Tom says:

I take back my first comment, I would have to agree with Melanie.

Each room is unique but as a whole it might be a little bit over and underwhelming at the same time.

SO fun! Not a huge fan of the bedroom …. a little too PoMo for me. But I love the first room and the two yellow chairs are brilliant!
– agata.

selina says:

Chris I really agree with you, I know that home is for me but it is still very interesting and that space has quality, it is definitely worth sharing and it is great being challenged and pushed out of our comfort zone. Kim and Jo you are doing just that, thank you.

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