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Posted on Fri, 27 May 2011 by KiM

Today’s reader request comes from Agata: I am 30 year’s old polish girl leaving in Norway. Together with my husband, we’re thinking of building a house. We don’t have a land and a house yet, but for the moment I am concentrating on floors and sofas. Don’t ask me why – just because :> And here is the best lime green color I have found so far for my best ever sofa :> The above sofa is not the size and shape I desire. I would like to have a huuuuuge lime green (not leather) sofa. And that lead me to idea of asking You girls of writing  a nice post about huge/corner not-too-much-sophisticated but practical sofas. I am REALLY hoping to be able to fit a sectional sofa in my new living room (when it’s built) so I was stoked to search these out in my huge stash of photos. Since Agatha mentioned lime, huge and corner I tried to find photos with sofas in that combination (but only found a few in lime). The first photo caught my eye but it turned out to not be a sectional….but I adore the space and colours in particular so I had to include it.

Sköna hem

Richard Powers


Joe Schmelzer

House To Home

Fung + Blatt Architects

Gregory Phillips Architects

Katarina Malmström Brown



Shelton, Mindel & Associates

The Selby

Vårt Nya Hem

Bolig Magasinet


MR Architecture + Decor

Marie Claire Italy


Agata says:

Excellent, thanks very much!

kim says:

i just wanted to echo what raina said above. your arsenal of incredible photos blows my mind. they're all great and all so varied. nicely done.

I'm usually not that big on lime, but the first pic is wonderful!

Jennydep says:

I've seen the art work in that top photo before. Does anyone know who the photographer is or where it comes from? Thank you!

Sammy says:

Being the owner of a large sectional I have a couple of pieces of advice – firstly look for one you can configure into different settings. Ours can go from left to right sided or we can split it altogether. For someone (me) who likes to rearrange the living room whenever the urge takes over it's a godsend. Then (and this is a personal preference) get one with a reasonably high back. Long and low might be cool and sexy but tall people hate them with good reason! good luck 🙂

Hello Jennydep.
I have that picture – I saw it in a magazine a year or two ago, wanted it badly, and managed to track one down eventually. It's by Swedish photographer Denise Grunstein, and that particular picture was done as one of a limited edition, commissioned by IKEA. They're not available in the shops and change hands at quite good money, but they are possible to find. (They are vast, btw). If you decide to look – good luck! I love mine.

Katelynne says:

Mmmmmmmm…I love that first one! Great colours!

Michelle S. says:

Want to advise all considering the third image that the shape of the sectional in the third picture is similiar to what my parents picked up in the 70s in lemon yellow whichwas oh so comfortable. I did not fully appreciate it at the time as the cold stark contrast with white walls chilled me. Seeing the lime with color makes such a difference for me, such as in the first image, it really brings this color to life.

KiM says:

For Sabine who asked about the sofa in the 3rd photo (and the email address you provided doesn't work), it's a Togo.

Nicoleta S says:

Wow, stunning rooms with beautiful sectionals and other decorations. Love them all, so inspiring

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