Bates Corkern Studio

Posted on Mon, 30 May 2011 by midcenturyjo

We dwell in our homes and our homes dwell in us. It lingers when we leave. Beckons when we’re weary. It is the place that gives us comfort and ease. Home is the one place where we can simply be. Where we can find our way in the dark. Where we can identify the sounds of our children’s bare feet on the floorboards, trace the same path of sunlight across the dining room wall—from spring through the coming winter. A place that evolves with us in our journey, burnished with the patina of memories. It’s a place that we create to suit ourselves. To envelope ourselves in the artifacts of our lives and dreams. To share ourselves with family and friends. To cherish the past while it resides along the present. It’s a spot from which to look out upon the world. A place to return to. Where all our roads eventually lead. Home. – Bates Corkern Studio

Beautiful words. Equally beautiful spaces.



Again one of those posts where it is impossible to pick the philosophy of the studio and it is so clearly refelected in the interiors they create..not a showhouse but a home..thanks for sharing, Jo..have a lovely new week..xx meenal

Loulou Ste-Adele says:

This post is very inspiring. I picked a few ideas that will make it in my home. Thanks for sharing.

topaz says:

Too traditional for me, but I must say, extremely well done. Each room is considered and elegantly put together, yet never conservative. Lovely.

Indeed, there's no place like home. Although, I have a new place of my own now (with my husband and two kids), I still miss and want to go home to where I spent my childhood and teenage years. That's why I go home once a year. It's where me and my family celebrated Christmas for the past three years now.

Absolutely gorgeous! Exactly my taste, every single room. Love the coziness and the mix of old and new and muted, soft, earthy, easy colors. LOVE LOVE LOVE. My fav post so far! I've just been inspired!

Beautiful! Love the juxtaposition of traditonal and contemporary.

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