Must love dogs

Posted on Tue, 31 May 2011 by midcenturyjo

It’s amazing what is hiding behind the most conservative of exteriors. That’s why I love real estate stalking. A house full of art is close to my heart. A house with sculpture makes my pulse race even faster. But this house? The owner must love dogs! Walls are hung with doggy portraits, larger than life 3D dogs bound and bow (with ice-cream?) and it is all the more fun because of it. The doghouse of a canophilist! Perched in Bellevue Hill with a killer view of Sydney Harbour, you can find the link here while it lasts.

Oh, I can't wait to purchase a home of my own! This one is stunning. Love the rustic elements : )
x fallon

A gorgeous part of the world too!

lovedesign says:

Me no like this brrrrr…!
But the view is great

Martha says:

I'll take the garden and the view. The rest can be used as a horror film set, dog statues prominently featured.

jil casey says:

Wow, interesting decor and art

Melanie says:

I don't know about this one …. think it's gone to the dogs…

Someone had to say it. 😉

the casing around all the openings is incredible!! such an amazing space. it's never a good sign when the listing says "price upon application" though! 🙂
– agata.

Really like the one with the labs in red!!

oregonbird says:

Photoshopped pictures of real estate bother the heck out of me – but only if they're offered as real. Did you not notice anything off in the perspectives and edges around furniture?

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