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Posted on Tue, 31 May 2011 by KiM

My husband and I just finished a meeting with our architect and builder for our huge house project and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed – it’s finally all coming together and costs are starting to come to light. SCARY SH*T. Needless to say, a meeting with someone at the bank is definitively in order. 🙂 Thus, I am a bit at a loss for words for an intro to this post. Let me just say I was taken by the beauty of the following interior photos by French photographer Sabrina Raffi when I came across her portfolio. And I am fairly certain this is the first time I’ve seen suits of armour used to decorate a kitchen.




I love that stone building – it's absolutely beautiful in there.

I do find it weird that in the one, they have a place for firewood but there are candles in the fireplace..?? I'm not a fan of 'pretending' like that – either do or don't.

I am an intern architect right now – I know how overwhelming building/paying for a house can be. Good luck at the bank! :
– agata.

Samina says:

Sabrina these are really very very inspiring kitchen. Since my most of the time is spent in the kitchen so I love to see beautiful kitchen. Excellent indeed.

Sarah says:

I am halfway through my renovation so know just how you feel re money and choices! The photos you posted are lovely… the hardest thing I've found with the building process has been to be satisfied with what I finally chose! Good luck , be a little adventurous and have fun!

Eléne says:

Love those clear chairs! My neighbors have them too, and they are also very comfy!

polish chick says:

what? i thought everyone had suits of armour in their kitchen!

Wow, the rooms in the pictures 5/42 through 7/42 are pretty amazing! Especially the walls and the floors! Thanks for a great post!

sabrina raffi says:

dear Kim,

I am the french photographer, Sabrina Raffi.
I 've just discover your post about my pictures…i would like to thank you for your choice and these nice comments !
It was a great surprise for me to see my pictures on your website, I like it!!!

May i ask you how you find me on the web?
You living in Canada right?
Your job is journalist or styliste in decoration?

Sorry for my bad english….

best regards

sabrina raffi

KiM says:

Hi Sabrina! I'm glad you like my post!
Sorry but I don't remember how I found you – likely through the website of a magazine.
I do live in Canada – and I work for the federal government as a supervisor of a web development team. But I'd rather be a stylist. 🙂
Thank you for leaving a comment!

Azu says:

Awesome!! I have copied the pictures with the suits of armour to show them to my boyfriend, he is a medieval archaeologist and I know for sure he will LOVE the idea, I'm afraid we don't have enough room for them at home. By the way, Kim, I love all your post!! I discovered you and Jo ramdomly when I was looking for pretty furniture to live with cats and I started to visit every single post you have done, I'm still in the page 108 but I won't stop til the end!!
Congratulations to both of you and THANK YOU!!
(I'm from Spain, I beg your pardon for the mistakes)

Ghita says:

Love love love your work ♥️

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