A “green” home

Posted on Fri, 3 Jun 2011 by KiM

I am a huge fan of many of the new online magazines that have popped up lately, and Pure Green Magazine is no exception – particularly because it’s Canadian! Celine, the editor-in-chief, kindly sent along photos of the home featured in their latest issue. It is a historic home in Toronto’s Rosedale neighbourhood built in 1901 and is now enjoyed by a family of 5. The homeowner works as a corporate sustainability consultant so when the house was purchased (it had been divided into several apartments), energy efficiency was paramount on the list of improvements. The home was retrofitted with a geothermal system and wherever possible, green interior finishes were chosen….mind you, some historical details were preserved such as stained glass windows. It is now a beautiful home that was completed less than a year ago and I imagine the family is enjoying every inch of it. (Photos below by Erin Monett of Ever Images).

Thank you Kim for sharing our latest green home feature! Your support of Pure Green Magazine is very much appreciated! Cheers! xoxo

Kate says:

That kitchen is TO DIE FOR!

Rob says:

I would enjoy every inch of that place as well, incredible. Even more so that it is energy efficient.

Especially love the wallpaper in that first picture! I like it when houses that have put a focus on 'green' aren't necessarily super contemporary. I like the eclectic style of this one!

Caroline says:

Love the yellow wallpaper. Any idea where I could find it? Thx.

Margaret says:

OH I just love bathtubs with feet, persian rugs and fetching wallpaper

i love the boldness of the dining room. great job! and good on them for using non-toxic products!
– agata.

Love the yellow and silver damask- great combination with the gold mirror on top of it.

m. says:

this is absolutely the best interior i've seen for long!


ally23 says:

Love that kitchen and bathroom. I think a lot of interiors that we now see are trying uber hard to be stylish or are trying equally hard to be 'effortless'. This is stylish without being over styled and effortless without self-consciousness (how many times do we see a kitchen utensil placed 'unassumingly' or a bed undone and think that is effortless!) and most inportantly it looks like a wonderful functioning home.

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