Book review – The Meghan Method

Posted on Sun, 5 Jun 2011 by KiM

There is a new book out by Meghan Carter called The Meghan Method that I wanted to give a shout out here. First, because she included desire to inspire in her list of blog resources. 🙂 Second, because I think this book is fantastic for those who need some help when it comes to decorating their home. Meghan lays it all out for ya. She helps you figure out what your goals are for the space (she has lots of helpful sheets on her website you can print off to help with this), then she helps you create a plan and drawings of how it will look, and finally she has all kinds of tips and ideas on how to make the space come to life – with talk of budget, timelines, and pulling it all together. What I thought was very smart was that Meghan’s book takes you through all these steps with a few rooms she designed. Below are some examples of the drawings she did for an office, as well as the final product. You can purchase the book here.



Looks fab! Congratulations on the shout out! I think I need to pick this book up for sure.

Looks like a great resource! I'm sure it would help people in pinning down the functional requirements of their spaces.

tinajo says:

Looks interesting indeed! 🙂

That's pretty exciting! Congrats on the mention.
– agata.

Looks really good and intersteding – congrats on the mention!!! x x

This book looks great and easy to read! For a lot of college students out there, I know having a little reference to turn to when they need inspiration means a lot and this book looks like it provides just that! The next time I'm at the bookstore, I'll have to find this book and see if it can help me out when I move into my new house!

collette says:

I'm "attempting" diy decorating my flat and I'm wondering if all the light fixtures have to be from the same period? currently my livingroom has a beautiful capiz chadelier, my hallway has a lantern that is very clean in lines, now I'm trying to find a fixture for my bedroom but my sister keeps telling me that I can't put a chandelier with crystal chains there..she things it will look hodge podge. Any truth to that? shouldn't the fixtures compliment the furnitures in the room?

belledame says:

collette – no, they can be a mix of whatever you want. if hodge podge means eclectic in your vernacular, than yes it will look like that. but so what? it's your house. they can compliment the furniture without matching it

i saw this book when it came out. it really is quite good, very thoughtful and very practical. i had never heard of meghan before seeing this.

collette says:

Belledame, thank you ever so much for your encouragement and insight. I'll go ahead with my choices!

Regarding this book, I haven't been to Barnes and Noble yet but it's on my list! I'm hoping it 'speaks to me" as a layperson bereft of any form of decorating training; so many books out there that don't.

B-t-w, I love this site. So many beautiful homes that I can relate to and all are homes I'd live in, in a heartbeat!

Thanks again!

Thanks for sharing… the book looks interesting. When I have my own home… this is definitely a book I'll have to take a look at 🙂

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