Reader’s home – a renovated apartment in Sarajevo

Posted on Tue, 7 Jun 2011 by KiM

Belma Mujezinovic-Pribilovic is the owner and editor-in-chief of, a popular online interior design based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The site provides free of charge expert advice on interior design with 20 architects and interior designers oin staff. Belma wanted to share her site as well as her home with us.

It was designed by the architect of magazine – Arijana Suvak, but my husband and I were involved in choosing decoration and giving it the final touch.
Completely renovated – some walls were removed to create an open space – it is a home that we have always wanted to live in. It has 80 square meters and two balconies – enough room for us and our cats Tigra and Zorro 🙂
We are great fans of red (as you can see in the pics) therefore each room had to have at least a splash of that color.
Living room has a lot souvenirs from our trips. There is a wall decoration made of our pictures from honeymoon and renewal of our vows in Cuba (i personally created the photo montage of those pictures). We brought the sand from Cuban beaches and placed it under the glass of commode.

All furniture was custom made.

Here is a before photo of the living room:

And after what appears to be ALOT of work, her newly renovated apartment is modern yet homey, bright with bold additions of colour and features a killer view. I think it’s fabulous. (P.S. Photos of her cats will be featured in next Monday’s pets on furniture post).

Maria says:

I am writing from Peru, I love your blog and always read it.
My comment was erased on this post. I dont think that is a cool thing to do, specially because this is a blog to express our ideas.
Design, esthetic and taste is universal, and this post does not show any of them. It was not at the standards that you always show. I do not like any part of this apartment.

Nacho says:

Love the view, I think the living area is quite correct so the bedroom wich has some creative solutions… As a spanish saying goes " If you don´t have anything nice to say about anyone, don´t say anything at all"…sorry about my english…Regards from Valencia (Spain)

lovedesign says:

I absolutly agree with Nacho 🙂

peggy says:

Really cute. Love the colors. Some very unusual knick-knacks and yet the look is still simple. Great job. I love seeing apartments from all over the world.

peggy says:

Wow. I just went back and read the comments after I posted. I wonder if we are seeing the same apartment. I love it. I think there is just the right balance between sparseness and kitsch. And I love the bed. Love the built-in headboard with lights and shelves on either side. I've seen some homes on here that were dubious of praise, but this is not one of them.

Lin says:

Congratulations Belma on creating a home you love. May you have many happy years there.

I love the idea of this bedroom ! .. a little bit styling all-around and it would be perfect 🙂

EasterEuropeGirl says:

Tastes are different. Places/locations are different. I'm from Eastern Europe and I think 90 percent of American kitchens are ugly and tasteless BUT…
I love to see them! And the other-country kitchens.
To see how people LIVE!
What desing INSPIRED them…

Irina says:

Hi! I have to say, I love your blog but this post was a bit confusing for me. I am an architect and often in my discussions with clients, if I need to give them some references, I “send” them to your site. If the quality of the posts is not consistent I cannot take the chance and do that again. I really don’t want to upset you, it’s just a thought I think maybe you wanted to “hear”….Also…the allusions on “homes from different parts of the word” is a bit upsetting. This is not an inspired apartment but I am sure that it doesn’t represent the quality of interior design of whole Sarajevo.
Thank you, Irina

Di says:

Hmmmmmm, sorry to say but not so great, actually not so good either. I am surprised that there wasn't more interesting furniture placement, color use so it wasn't so matchy. Maybe it would have been good to see the before and after of the architectural redo and less emphasis on the terrible interior design/decor.

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