Dark darling

Posted on Wed, 8 Jun 2011 by midcenturyjo

Want. Need. Covet. Dark and moody elegance meets bright light and pool glints. It’s harsh outside but oh so cool in here. Cool but warm. Hip yet luxurious. I’m drawn to the dark side and this Coogee Beach, Sydney home is sucking me in with its siren song. Hello my deep dark darling. I’m coming home. See what happens when you real estate stalk?! You want to buy a house that you can never afford but you’d sell your soul for.  Need better pictures. Need to get to an open for inspection. Here while the link lasts.

(I swear this is Maggie Tabberer’s old house that was then recreated by ?? and featured here on DTI. I’m having a senior moment and just can’t remember who it was and I’m slowly making my way back through the archives to find it in its white incarnation. It’s the frangapani tree by the pool. It echoes in my design psyche.)

Update: The house is that of Marcella Kaspar and builder/designer Mark Cooper (all expained in the comments below). Photos by Simon Kelly.

selina says:

I thought they were two different houses, the kitchen is bigger in Marcella's house. They are both fabulous, I am in love.

I love it. What a stunning house. I want to live there!

WOWWWW! This is one of the most interesting, most beautiful, incredibly COOL homes I've ever seen. A home that seems to wrap around a small pool- just love it. It IS moody, but in the best possible way. THANKS for this post!

thadams says:

can you buy the floor plan to this house????

leilachandelier says:

Here are the real facts: maggie Taberer bought Marcella's old house in Randwick, the white one, years ago and then had it decorated in the exact same style that Marcella had decorated it. Marcella has built a new house based on her old house in Randwick, and has transferred her furniture into the new coogee one, ie the dark one.

leilachandelier says:

argh…God…how embarrassing…i didn't see Marcella herself had written that. oh well, i'm glad i got my facts right….and the only reason i know this stuff is because i have studied my home magazines intimately. Now…must get a life!!!

Marion Jaster says:

WOW…..my dream!

Mindy says:

I just saw this house December 2013 and the real estate link doesn't work anymore. 🙁 I'm obssessed with it and want to see more pictures that will show thw whole layout. :'( Did you happen to save any by any chance?

Desire to Inspire says:

This was all that was on the site Mindy but here is a link to Simon Kenny's photos of the home. Not large but a few more shots at least .

Marcus Russell says:

I designed a house like this as a junior in high school. Bigger pool with walking room around the pool all sliding doors. At the end was a waterfall.

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