My new flor carpet tiles

Posted on Wed, 8 Jun 2011 by KiM

Ever since I first heard about the carpet company Flor I was floored. LOL Such a genius idea – to sell carpet by the tile instead of a whole rug. This means you can create a rug of whatever size you want and arrange the patterns/colours however you wish – and have the ability to change it up over time when you become bored with it. Not only that I have 7 cats who love to barf on carpets so this way if a particularly nasty incident arises I can replace a ruined tile with a new one instead of having to replace an entire rug. I had been wanting to get my hands on some Flor tiles for quite some time and was super excited to have the chance to pick out a sample of 12 tiles. I chose the Askania tiles in grey from their new Floresse line, which is made of 100% natural wool. OMG the wool is incredible…it’s so comfortable and will be nice and warm in the winter months. The pattern turned out to be really cool and I opted to make a 5’x7′ rug in my living room while alternating the pattern. LOVE!!

Some other points to note: Flor ships to Canada (YAY!!), the backing is rubbery so they stay pretty much in place (you get some stickers that help with that too, although I opted not to use them because my floors are painted wood ***UPDATE: my bad – I assumed the stickers were double-sided) and you don’t need those annoying carpet pads. Oh – and when you’re done with your tiles you can send them back to Flor and they will guarantee they won’t end up in a landfill. (P.S. I plan to use these tiles or buy others to cut and line shelving I want to install for the cats to hang out on).

leah says:

looks awesome! i also have barfing animals so nuff said!

The Flor rug tiles look great…like the design you went with. Was considering putting Flor tiles in my daughters' room also…..just may do it this week. But yes, I would lay it the other way so the rug extends a little outside of the length of the sofa.
All the best!! Christine

Mae says:

Yeah! I love the idea too and it looks great. Cute cat 🙂

LOVE flor tiles! We have them in our dining room and living room!

Alyssa says:

If I'm not mistaken, I remember this living room from an ooooold apartment therapy house tour. We live in the same neighbourhood! Props on the FLOR rug, brethren. I reaaaaally want to piece one together, but my cat mucks up our Ikea one badly enough as it is. It's been tucked away for bare summer floors.

KiM says:

Yep, I had a house tour on AT back in '09. Cool that you're in Little Italy too (the best 'hood in the 613)!
I will admit that after snapping these pics I packed up the tiles to save for when summer is over. I'm enjoying the ease of sweeping (daily) to keep up with all the shed cat fur and not worrying about cleaning off the rugs.

Katie says:

I have been fruitlessly searching for a dining room rug under $500 that is an odd size…that I like. Had never heard of this and it just might be a great option–looks like a good selection and love that I can order several samples so cheaply! Thanks for posting–love your blog.

Jacob says:

This looks really awesome. I have planned to change my carpets, so these designs could give me some idea at the time of purchase.

Neville Mccall says:

Absolutely love the idea of having this kind of tiles! People often neglect the impact simplicity has, when buying furniture and upholstery. I have two kids and a pet, so you understand that stains are a constant part of our daily life. So this kind of carpet tiles might be easier for cleaning.

Andra says:

Very stylish!

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