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Posted on Fri, 10 Jun 2011 by KiM

Molly wrote us last month with a request to see photos of black floors. I think black floors are HOT, and one day, when I do not have 7 cats, I shall have black floors somewhere in my home. (Interestingly, most of these are from Scandinavian websites).

Douglas Hill

Elle Interiör

Hus & Hem

Dos Family

Bolig Magasinet


Guido Barbagelata

Hus & Hem


The New York Times

Oak Management


Sköna hem

west chin architect

Sköna hem

Hus & Hem

Vårt Nya Hem Piet Boon
Mixr Bolig Magasinet

Luciana says:

I love it!!! The trick is it has to have some gloss in it, it will reflect light.

topaz says:

So beautiful; each photo makes me long for black floors. However, I already have a black table, and a cat, so…

The one bathroom with the tub in the floor looks super creepy. Like a film set straight out of Saw. O_O

Diane says:

I have black countertops in my kitchen just as some of the posters above me. DO NOT DO IT! Black shows every crumb, dust speck and hair. It needs daily upkeep. Can't imagine how awful it would be to have black floors. Black counters are bad enough. I have to agree it is beautiful though!

Naomi says:

painted my new stairs chocolate brown and got dark brown tile for my shower floor. I have 2 dogs and am constantly in the garden. The stairs look dirty ALL the time and the tile shows all the soap scum. Both only look clean if you scrub daily! I won't do it again in the next round, even though they do look great when clean.

Wow! Some of those pics are gorgeous. I knew black walls could be beautiful and made a bold statement, but I never really considered a black wood floor. Stunning.

Chelsea says:

I like the concepts as shown in the gallery. But I prefer black floors for a mezo styled kitchen. I think it is a thing of beauty.

Germophobe says:

I am amazed at the people complaining about dirt being noticeable – why on earth are they letting it accumulate ?!

Avery Clark says:

Laminate flooring with beveled edge offers ultra natural look. Thanks for posting this blog.

Victoria Thomas says:

Thank you, for sharing this with us.

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