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Posted on Sun, 19 Jun 2011 by KiM

So here is the latest scoop on my Sunday posts. Summers are very VERY short here in Ottawa, and I LIVE for a warm, sunny summer weekend. And now with my life in a bit more of a state of chaos than normal (house reno project making my stress level sky-rocket) I think I may skip out on some Sunday posts every now and then. I need a bit of a break, and I desperately need to be spending the time outdoors rather than inside on my laptop. Hope you all don’t mind too much. We’ve had fantastic weather the last couple of days and I managed to get out and enjoy it. Which means I did not have time to scour blogland looking for my blog favourites of the week. Instead you are stuck with a few photos I snapped Friday and Saturday that documented my outings. I figured I’d at least share those.

So Friday night my hubby and I walked down to the main strip of Little Italy for some sushi (at Kikko – some of the best sushi in the city)…forgetting it was the first day of the annual Little Italy festival. Luckily we scored a table on the patio which was cool because we got to stuff our faces and people-watch, while enjoying the view of some Lamborghinis (the festival always includes hot Italian sports cars on display).

Just before heading to dinner we stopped at Justyna’s home to pick up some vintage clothing I bought at her online shop (which she is unfortunately closing – so everything is 50% off if you’re interested…)

Yesterday we spent the day at my little sister’s cottage and the weather was PERFECT. I laid out on the dock most of the morning (and ended up a little fried – OOPS).

My little niece Gianna decided she was a bit thirsty and was up for a taste of my Bacardi cooler.

My sister warmed up some jalapeno popper dip I made – OMG this stuff is addictive, especially when alcoholic beverages are consumed at the same time.

Tomorrow we have some errands to run and then we’ll be heading out to my parent’s place to celebrate father’s day with my pops, and enjoy a little bit of this (after loading on sunscreen this time):

But before I get to do that I have to work on a little project my twin sister and I did not get to complete last summer.

Youre lucky, its cloudy and rain here in Norway.. 🙂

enjoy the sun while you can, kim..love your iphone pictures!! have a lovely sunday..xx meenal

denysefromOttawa says:

I see that you enjoyed a beer on Preston street! Lovely weather in Ottawa indeed. Enjoy your weekends as much as possible.

I have been to Ottawa several times and I agree….. get sun when you can! We were there in February and seriously froze our tushes off (and warmed them up at smoke's! yum!).
Have an amazing Sunday!!
– agata.
ps. that little trailer is freaking adorable. my grandparents neighbour used to have one and we would have endless fun in it.

Taru says:

Gorgeous blog, thanks for sharing!


A couple of lovers sailing around the world.

Samantha says:

What a lovely weekend! That dip looks amazing- pity we can't get tinned chillis or peppers here…

Ali says:

tee hee, that's my trailer, I just made a vintage style awning to go on it

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