Ivo Tavares

Posted on Thu, 23 Jun 2011 by KiM

Ivo Tavares is a photographer from Portugal who wanted to share his portfolio with our readers. He’s got a great eye and creates very interesting compositions. The following photos were shot for his client, Interdesign Interiores, and for more photos check out Ivo’s Facebook page. Thanks Ivo!

michele says:

The candle shaped table adds interest to the room. The room has an airy feel and looks comfortable.

Tina says:

Love the image of that dining room in particular. Those tall cabinets on the chrome bases are so interesting.

Sarah says:

Love how the white shelving unit 1st pic floats like sculpture in front of deep red wall…what a nice change from the stolid look of built-ins. Anyone could DIY something similar with Ikea units and some paint, if you edit as well as here.

Thanks for the sharing, e follow this blog every day and love it.
Nice job

Susie says:

Love the floor to ceiling sheer drapery.

Nadine says:

So shiny and glamorous. 🙂

Kitty says:

Love the site, but this designer seems to get the scale all wrong in these spaces. The furniture appears huge, and there are images where I wonder how people are supposed to move in the space. The rooms don't seem to be able to breathe…

shlomit ferber says:

These are terribly ugly what were they thinking? the seventies or the beginning of the eighties so not my cup of tea.

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