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Posted on Sat, 25 Jun 2011 by midcenturyjo

Got a problem? Need some help? Just standing there shaking your head? Don’t know what to do? You’re not alone. Send us a link to photos of your design quandary and let the Desire to Inspire design crew help you …. that’s you lot… the readers!

Jesse emailed “I’m a big fan of the blog, and wanted to reach out & ask for a bit of advice. I’ve recently moved into a new apartment & am trying to make it a home. I’m a rustic minimalist but an eclectic at heart.” Jesse wanted feedback. Then Jesse sent photos. After I picked myself up off the floor I thought Jesse wants advice? Jesse wants to take it to the next level? OMG the bones are fabulous. There is so much that is wonderful about her new space.

I guess I was just looking for some general feedback than specific what-to-dos. I would love to hear back from readers in a Design Crew post, I’m just looking for others opinions.” This is were all of you come in. Your feedback? The next step? She has motivated me to walk away from the computer and head back to my still unfinished “quick” kitchen redo. Can’t wait to see what you guys have to say.

Mr Rui says:

My flat was designed in the 60s, vintage enough, but it's nice; This rustic's plain and funny looking; so is this minimalist;

I feel the need for blinds or another light blocking system; It's almost medical advice;

This makes me wonder when did interiors focus on wild furniture against white, rather than background with character along with shape-related and functional furniture;

fabrizio says:

I fall in love with your bedroom…
Everything is so essential..beautiful paintings. You should add more. An orchid. Maybe a wooden floor lamp. But things wich aren't in your flat are superficial, belive me!
Really good job.

Leo Ruiz says:

I really like what you have acomplished, it seems like a space full of treasured items collected over time and carefully edited. The head board project its very interesting, but for me, it would be perfect rather having somekind of old french headboard or otherwise changing the "stool" at the end of the bed for an actual fucntional, more comfortable one, maybe and unpolished antique french style stool, I would change any of both, since for me both seem very unpractical, they dont have the comfortable feeling the rest of the house has and a bed has to look and feel comfortable, althoug they look good. I hate plants but to have flowers around might bring that extra punch of color that could be expected, maybe wild flowers you migth just pick up from a backyard will do with the rustic aura, although your Jil Sander 'plastic bag' handbag does a great work on that matter.
Congratulations I would love to live there, aside from the bed, I'm ready to move in if someone offered me a space like this one.
Leonardo Ruiz

Leo Ruiz says:

Oh! some persian rugs, with geometric designs and several colors , a palette you can pick out from your navajo blankets, they would make all come together!
Maybe one under the dining room (also that way you don't scratch the floor) and social space, another one under your bed.

Sarah says:

I think you should do very little but arrange and re-arrange your furniture to suit yourself. I don't like the kitchen, it's not interesting for such prominent view, but it's not awful. Something large in front of it that is interesting to look at would lessen the visual prominence of ho-hum cabinets. The bed with the pillows need a few bolsters…it looks like it's used as a couch and I would dress it more like an upholstered day bed rather than leave the mushy comforter when it's not being slept in. Use what you have and the blankets from the ladder to create more of a sofa than futon. I would create some height for the "master" bed and side tables, something that "floats" them a little. Too much mass at ankle level. Perhaps a hanging light or dramatic floor lamp in large proportion that would provide a focal point above eye level. Your night stands don't need to match.

You have a wonderful space that feels like you live in an art gallery. Your possessions are interesting and your decorating is 99% complete as is.

Tom says:

Funny that this flat has more style than most posts on this site and it's under design crew, funny how things get mixed up sometimes.

One suggestion, make the kitchen look like the rest of the place, it looks messy & cluttered, the paper towel holder hanging from string as a focal point isn't working for me.

I also agree that one plant might bring this place to life, and that wrinkled up rug could go too or get a steamer and flatten it out.
That rug actually looks like it was thrown out for the photo shoot, this space doesn't need any rugs.
Great job, you're dripping with style.

Lisa says:

Beautiful space. So many great ideas and repurpose-ings. The only part I felt was a little jarring (to me) was the table and chairs. Too many lines, weights, etc. I say, get out and trash pick some new chairs. Or maybe another table…or both. Other than that, spectacular.

Sher says:

First, a question. Jesse – Are you over 21? Get a decent bed. There are many, many spare, contemporary styles that can look great just as you have dressed this one – but that will look comfy. I get the look you are going for with the "palets", but it's TOO rustic. Or Use NO headboard and use the boards to frame a modern art piece with minimal color or a great black and white photo. YOU CAN NOT UNDERESTIMATE the importance of a decent and welcoming looking bed. Do that and you will need no couch. In fact – you need change nothing else in the whole place. Except for a set of super luxurious sheets. Sleeping in Bamboo sheets is like sleeping in cream, and they are well priced. Try a set. (It will take your bedtime activities to a new level as well. Promise.)

Get in touch, Jesse, if you want an awesome piece of art before your next photo shoot.


Sher says:

Go to my Facebook Page to see a photo of your bedroom with a different bed wall.

oregonbird says:

Advice? You don't need advice – if you feel something is missing, just wait. You'll eventually see it lying in the back of a shop – your eye is superb. I don't know if anyone offered you advice, but all I have is praise.

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