Book review – New York Rooftop Gardens

Posted on Sun, 26 Jun 2011 by KiM

I heard about the book New York Rooftop Gardens and I had to get my hands on a copy. I find New York very intriguing, and I hope to one day finally make a point of visiting (and shopping!!!). I’ve lived in Ottawa all my life and despite it being the capital city of Canada, it’s relatively small (likely a population of close to 1 million). And I am able to afford a house a 25 minute walk from the downtown core, with a yard, driveway and all that good stuff. It’s a pretty strange concept to me that there are people who live in the heart of New York City who pay a fortunate to live in VERY small spaces. Some people are fortune enough to have rooftop access and the ability to create outdoor oases as a retreat from the bustle (the hard-edges, lack of greenery) of the city. The juxtaposition of the landscape of these gardens with the views of skyscrapers and rooftops is truly incredible. The book New York Rooftop Gardens takes you on a journey to several magical rooftop gardens, each one more inspiring than the next. This is a fantastic coffee table book and if you are as intrigued as I am I suggest you get yourself a copy. If you’re from the US or Canada you can buy it HERE.

© New York Rooftop Gardens – Photographs by Charles de Vaivre, published by teNeues; Photo © 2011 Charles de Vaivre. All rights reserved

I had to snap a couple photos of some of my favourite images…

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jil casey says:

Such a contrast, the rooftop gardens are kind of like an oasis in the desert.

Emily says:

On a related note:

homestilo says:

This is such a luxury in NYC (and I suppose in almost any big city it would be as well)

Love them! Out door space like this in NY is a dream! Kensington Roof Gardens in London are also a great escape from the city

Karena says:

This a book I can truly delve into. Rooftop gardens, and new York City Highrises!!

Art by Karena

Thank you so much for the WONDERFUL shoutout. You gals rock! Love you. ps: I totally WANT to host the party where you two meet for the first time.
Happy sunday. xoxo
ps: have got to get this book pronto. looks so inspiring

classiq says:

Rooftop gardens are such a good idea and so much needed in a big city. 🙂 Gorgeous shots!

Yvonne says:

Just the other day I saw a documentary on television about rooftop gardens in New York. They are so beautiful. It was said, that the Rockefeller family funded a lot of them and still do.

It's amazing that down on the streets it can get so busy and loud and smelly and up there is like a totally differend city, isn't it?

wow!!! that is some luxury..and what great views as well!! this book looks wonderful! thanks for sharing..have a lovely day..xx meenal

Zsa Zsa says:

Rooftop gardens! Have always been a fan of everything green and eco-chic. These gardens are literally a breath of fresh air!

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