Need for normalcy

Posted on Thu, 30 Jun 2011 by KiM

We feature a plethora of gorgeous spaces that are often designed by designers and styled by stylists…meaning they’re pretty close to perfection. Not a thing out of place. Which is why I love Quarto & Sala so much. I’ve blogged everyday homes from this Brazilian site in the past (here and here), and I was craving normalcy (and a bit of quirkiness) again today.


lea says:

Love them all 😉

That tile wall is at least 117 kinds of awesome!

trish says:

there is nothing "normal" about these spaces! they are ravishingly unique and fabulously full of joy, color, life and opulent with energy!!!

Jill says:

Thank you for this post. I feel "real life" home design is the most interesting. It just has more soul.

those are the homes I love best. there is so much love oozing out of them! thanks for the dose of normalcy!

Matt says:

The Jeans lamp? AWESOME.

Cussot says:

We lived in Brazil in the 60's when I was a kid and those floors bring back very happy memories. The parquet in our apartment wasn't glued down or anything – you could actually pick up each "brick" of wood!

lei says:

This are beautiful! Lovely to break up your posts with these images. Really refreshing – I think you should make this a regular feature, it encouraged me to write a comment I was so inspired by seeing this post amongst the rest.

Karla Bittencourt says:

This kind of house is like been in a friend house in Brasilia- Brazil. The house is full of personality.

Jesse Lu says:

thanks for sharing this site…. what inspiring homes!

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