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Posted on Tue, 12 Jul 2011 by KiM

It must be kitchen renovation season. We’re gotten a few reader submissions of their kitchens in the past week so I thought I’d blog them all today. It’s kitchen Tuesday folks!

Welcome to Paul’s teeny tiny New York kitchen! He worked some magic on the space, transforming it from REALLY awful to funky and modern for just $285!! (He’s got the breakdown of costs on his blog). I had to poke fun in my response to his email, saying no one cooks in NY anyway (doesn’t everyone use their stoves to stash off season clothes?), but he claims he cooks in his kitchen often. And I bet he’ll be cooking even more now that it’s not such an eye sore. Great job Paul!!

Wow that's a tiny kitchen! But I'm sure that has drastically improved his quality of life in his apartment!

Good heavens .. what a transformation!!!!!

Lily says:

Wow ! It looks so much better. Love the gray cabinets !!


Cata says:

WOW!!! I love what you did to thse cabinets, but most of all I love the fact you left things original!! Though I would´ve prefered the actual thing on the floor… i guess it would´ve been out of budget… It´s really inspiring for me, given that I´ve also got a tiny kitchen in my Buenos Aires apartment.

Sara D says:

are those metal cabinets? Awesome job and so glad you kept them. I too actually really liked the red flooring but hey to each his own right?

That is possibly the tiniest kitchen I have ever seen, but what a transformation! Great work 🙂

Kim and Jo,

Thanks for the posting and thank you for all the wonderful comments. Yes, back now to the kitchen:)


Michael says:

Paul, you are a magician! This is truly a demonstration of what talent and taste can do on a budget!

mydeco says:

Looks great! Modern, fresh, cleek, clean and very very good looking thanks for sharing these!

Mirys says:

I love it!!!!
Simple and quite different!!!!
Great ideas! Congratulations Paul!

Mirys from Brazil

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