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Posted on Wed, 13 Jul 2011 by KiM

Coates Design is an architecture firm based in Seattle that specializes in sustainable design. Their vision: is that buildings, when thoughtfully designed, will uplift the spirit, nourish the mind and contribute to the health of our bodies while respecting the environment in which they are placed. I would certainly be uplifted if any of the spaces below belonged to me. 🙂 Matthew Coates and his crew are clearly lovers of wood, concrete, and W I N D O W S!!

Lisa says:


Chantaeux says:

Love it. Looks like they draw inspiration from some of our contempory vernacular in Australia. I could see this house in a trendy Melbourne suburb.

Zsa Zsa says:

You had me at sustainable design. Wood is absolutely gorgeous and this green home shows off some serious eco-style!

Shivangi says:

beautiful spaces…loving the bocci lights on wooden ceiling combo in image 4….flooring is nice too…

4eyed says:

What lovely homes. I'm ready to move in.

This is my favorite kind of builoding!!

thanks to everyone for the wonderful feedback – ~!
visit our website for more information and do feel free to contact us with any specific questions about our projects.

oregonbird says:

It's where Rob and Laura Petrie would be living now! Very much a truly updated 1950's POV. The monolithic backside is a surprise, but a good one. I've always loved the 'public buildings' high sweep of windows thing. The lighting is wonderful – not just one or two of the pendants, but all of them; not too matchy, but definitely informed by the same aesthetic.

I'm not entirely certain what the 6th pic is – the entry way? It has the ambiance of a public library entry – not a bad thing, very calm and peaceful – but a bit strange to find in a residence~!

I love this post! Being from the Pacific Northwest makes me love this style of architecture, especially when it's displaying such beautiful nature all around it. Thanks for sharing!

Eloisa says:

There's something very Twilight about these.
Perhaps the Pacific Northwest thing.

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