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Posted on Thu, 14 Jul 2011 by KiM

French photographer Alex Profit emailed us recently about his new web site (an al dente selection of hotels, guests house, self-catering…), but I was too awe-struck with his portfolio to really get into it (…yet – perhaps that’s for a future post). His composition is mesmerizing, the spaces are simple and gorgeous and I love the mostly muted colour palettes. P.S. As soon as I finish typing this sentence I am putting that first faucet photo into my bathroom inspiration folder.


I'm putting the faucet in, and then some!

Lauren says:

I'm loving the outdoor lounge area.

Barbara says:

I love all the texture and natural materials. Very nice.

Tereza says:

The outdoor area is fabulous.
Hugs from Brasil

oregonbird says:

Not to be difficult (which, of course, totally means I'm going to be difficult) but as a former house cleaner – that faucet is nothing but bad news. Interesting, funky and way-out, absolutely – I love the past-rustic-to-apocolyptic vibe, I really do – but do you really want to spend 15 minutes every week working with a toothbruth to keep it in sanitary and still visually-adorable condition? I think not.

A wonderful photographer, great spaces – just watch grandpere and be prepared to grab him if he totters on that brick floor!

Shivangi says:

Fabulous stone textures!!..both walls and floors….loved the small coffee table and chairs set up in pic 3….out door areas are bright and beautiful aswell!!

Aet says:

fabulous harmony, balance and design.

Georgia says:

Loving all the muted grey tones!

Joey says:

That clock, I must have it!

Anyone have a link?

Nicole says:

That tap!!! (Faucet for any linguistically challenged readers).

It looks like it's been cobbled together from a few superannuated bits from the local scrap yard.

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